Pollinator Paths

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Pollinator Paths
8A Savoy Road
Glen Eden
Auckland 0602

Spring is on it’s way and we want to help our pollinators! Let me tell you a little bit about the birds and the bees... without them, 1/3 of our food source would disappear! We want to help our pollinator friend’s by providing them with new appropriate habitat, but we can’t do this until we know where they are! That’s where you come in. We are looking for support from some big (and not so big!) names to partner with us and help promote our initiative: Auckland's Pollinator Count. We want to encourage all Aucklanders to input information about the pollinators in their garden during our Pollinator Count this spring so that we have some great data to share and work with. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us today and we can chat about how you can help!