New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine

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New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine
321 Great South Road
Auckland 1051

The New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine (NZCCM) is registered and accredited by NZQA. The College was founded on the realisation that Acupuncture and Chinese herbal training in New Zealand have been developed well but would be improved with greater input from Chinese-trained professionals and courses more closely related to the standard syllabus used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) colleges and universities. Such practices have been developed, tried and proven over thousands of years.

Our programme seeks to give students an in-depth knowledge of this vast and fascinating field of natural medicine and ensure you acquire practitioner skills that are of the highest professional standards. In adapting Acupuncture to suit the Western medical model, it is easy to forget that China is both the source of traditional practice as well as the leader in modern teaching methods and scientific research into all aspects of Chinese medicine (CM). While NZCCM welcomes the relatively recent acceptance in New Zealand of Acupuncture as a respected and widely-used healing modality, we want to ensure that ancient fundamentals and recent refinements of authentic CM are accurately and thoroughly taught.

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