Fernhall Study Centre

Community Organisation

Fernhall Study Centre
129 Gillies Avenue
Auckland 1023

Fernhall is a centre for the personal development of girls and women of all ages and creeds. Our Aim is to help women of all ages achieve their full potential in life so that, with their specific attributes, they can enrich society and help make it more human. How? By providing social, cultural, educational and spiritual opportunities that expand minds and hearts, encouraging generosity and selflessness, and an attitude of responsible service to society. Fernhall is committed to help girls and women discover their unique potential through programs which seek to develop all aspects of the person. The timeless values of integrity, industriousness, loyalty, friendship and optimism are reflected in our programmes. Fernhall is a registered charitable organization in New Zealand and is authorized to issue receipts for income tax purposes. Fernhall is run buy volunteers without remuneration. Fernhall is funded entirely through donations and relies on the support of people like you to carry out meaningful programmes for women, girls and families.​