Community Patrols of NZ-Tasman

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Community Patrols of NZ-Tasman

Community Patrols are working together throughout New Zealand to reduce crime and provide safer communities.

We are a voluntary group of people who give some time to help the Police make our community a safer environment in which to live. We welcome anyone with a caring attitude to their community to offer their services.

Community patrollers act as ‘eyes and ears’ for the Police. Patrolling their community in pairs, patrollers note anything that could be suspicious and inform Police immediately of incidents requiring urgent attention. Some patrols have a very high profile in the community and our patrol cars in Nelson, Richmond and Motueka are sign-written.

Patrollers usually patrol once a month on Friday and Saturday nights between the hours of 9pm to 3am, but we would like to provide daytime patrols also, as no every patroller wishes to patrol at night and the Police would appreciate the extra coverage. We also monitor the CCTV cameras at the District Command Centre.

Safety is paramount, confrontation is not an option.

Applicants are vetted by the Police before becoming patrol members and must complete a training period (usually three months) where they work with senior patrollers. Ongoing monthly training is also provided.

Police notify patrols of suspicious activities and trouble spots they would like the patrol to keep an eye on, as well as informing the patrol of local events in their area. Each member must sign a declaration of confidentiality and agree to abide by a code of conduct before working with the patrol.

If you are keen, please visit and view our web site on or contact me direct on email 

You are welcome to enter the Members Area and view a short video clip under ’Purpose’.

Contact Name: Peter Blackmore - Tasman District Representative                                            

Address: C/- 369 Hill Street, Richmond. 7020

Phone: 021 172-0403