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The Team from Wee Jobs

Did you know how much you can save by replacing just one 75 watt incandescent lightbulb with a 11 watt LED lightbulb? Check out our post below!

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8 hours ago

Warm welcome to Competenz!


We're very excited to announce Competenz as our new Neighbourly partner. Competenz is an Industry Training Organisation and helps people develop their skills on the job.

We truly believe in the work they do to help people gain apprenticeships, build their skills and work alongside New Zealand businesses.

Please join us in welcoming Competenz and stay tuned for job listings and other exciting content!
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3 days ago

How to recycle broken glass

The Team from Auckland Council

Learn what to do when recycling broken glass. Large chunks are ok, as long as they are from grocery packaging. Always remember when recycling if in doubt, leave it out.


14 hours ago

On This Sunday!....

Paula from Snells Beach & Mahurangi East

Harmony Circle – Guest Presenter Sunday 16th May
Rachael Wilson – Finding Peace with food and your body

Venue; Community Hall, 2 Alnwick St (next door to Town Hall), Warkworth.
Open at 6.45pm for a 7pm start. $5 Koha – Harmony Circle is non-profit.

Hi, I’m Rachael, a Paediatric and Eating disorder dietitian, family nutritionist and mindful eating coach. I'm a dietitian specializing in mindful eating and intuitive eating, self-compassion and body image.
I look at how bringing skills in resilience, mindfulness and self-compassion can help people heal their relationship with food and their bodies. Resulting in positive health behaviour changes and breaking the cycle of dieting which improves both mental and physical wellbeing.

Win a FREE 90 minute Body Image online workshop in the evening draw!

Everyone welcome, this is an open group, come along if you can, look forward to seeing you there!
Contact us at warkworthharmonycircle@gmail.com or call/text 027 239 9182