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We Say/You Say: Lighthouse Renovations

Thomas Campbell Reporter from Marlborough Midweek

Hi Marlborough,

What's your opinion on the Cape Campbell lighthouse renovations?

Cape Campbell lighthouse is getting its regular face lift, with 20 tonnes of scaffolding erected around the 18-metre high structure.

The 116-year-old structure was last renovated in 2005, with Maritime New Zealand saying restoration work is usually undertaken every 12 to 15 years.

“Compared to a lot of our sites which are located on islands, Cape Campbell is an easier location because you can drive to it. But it is also a challenging site because it is on the coast, and it is exposed to high winds,” they said.

While there are risks involved with working on the structure, Scaffold Marlborough owner Rob Hellstrom says that all scaffolding needs to be free standing, in order for it not to interfere with the historic landmark. It took less than two weeks to set up the nine levels of scaffolding.

"The team wear safety harnesses with double lanyards, so they can walk around being attached all the time,” Hellstrom said.

Restoration is expected to take between six to eight weeks.

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Musicians/entertainers WANTED

Jyn from Volunteer Marlborough

Calling all pianists, singers, guitarists, and all other musicians; we have two opportunities for you to use your music skills for good!

1️⃣ Musical Entertainer at Ashwood Park Rest Home. Any instrument and ability level. Play alone or as part of a group.

2️⃣ Pianist for the RSA Singers: Accompany the RSA Singers in practice and at performances. Practices are held 10am every Monday. Performance are normally weekday afternoons.

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Chill Your Bills with NZ Compare!

CEO from NZ Compare

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Grovetown Lagoon

Jyn from Volunteer Marlborough

Join a group of passionate people who are enhancing the habitat for fish and bird life at Grovetown Lagoon.

💙 Wednesdays, 9:30 - 11:30
💙 Join once, occasionally, or every week.
💙 You are welcome to bring your own tools but this is not necessary.

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To contact us:
• 03 577 9388