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Volly Call - Community Education Tutors required

Wendy Richards from Volunteering New Plymouth

Taranaki Community Education recently rebranded. Formerly known as Taranaki Adult Literacy Services, “Taranaki Community Education” better reflects who they are and the services they offer to our community.
TCE is a not-for-profit charitable organisation that provides community education programmes in collaboration with skilled professionals; they provide tailored programmes that enable ako and shared connections.
The programmes focus on three core areas: cultural, communication and self-sufficiency. Within the cultural programme are the popular courses Conversational Māori with Keri Elvin and Te Reo Māori for Beginners with Gareth Kahui.

Currently TCE is based in the community, and they deliver their programmes at the venues of a number of local organisations. These include The Salvation Army, The Tasman Club, Taranaki Community Law and Taranaki Disabilities Information Centre.

The Cultural programmes for this term include Conversational Māori as well as a new Online Kōrero Māori course. This is an opportunity for those that may not be able to attend an in-person event and is a great way to involve the whānau in the learning journey.

Another addition to the cultural programme is a Preserving Your Past workshop with Susanne Rawson, who is an expert in heritage preservation. In this workshop participants will learn how to capture the information about an item special to them, including implementing some basic preservation measures to improve its condition.

Two other upcoming courses as part of the Communication programme, are Counselling and Communication where participants will be mentored by registered counsellor, Margaret Smith. Learn how to actively listen and engage, how to encourage and support others as well as how to have courageous conversations.

Another exciting addition is the Creating a Life History course with Janet Hunt. This course will cover how to put together a life history, including planning, interviewing, transcribing, and presenting.

TCE has openings for more tutors to join their ranks. If you have expertise in the cultural, communication or self-sufficiency fields, and you have an interest in helping people, this maybe an opportunity for you.

As a tutor you will help empower others to become more self-sufficient in their daily lives. Suggested course topics include food and nutrition, cooking skills, upcycling, gardening, raising poultry, home maintenance, and basic car maintenance. With guidance you will work on a contractual arrangement to create and teach your own course, including the flexibility to move to an online format if required.

Tutor responsibilities can vary depending on your skills. The classes are small groups in a very welcoming friendly and supportive environment.

For those who have an interest and skills in Photography and / or Videography for marketing and would like to volunteer supporting a growing organisation, TCE would welcome your help.

Here is a chance to learn new skills that can then be used to improve the lifestyles of other adults. How good would that be! So many opportunities- Student, Contracted Tutor or Volunteer. So, if you are reading this and thinking - "I could do this!" then please register your interest by contacting Wendy at Volunteering New Plymouth on
06 758 8986, E: admin@volunteeringnewplymouth.nz or
phone / text 027 571 4228

She is waiting to hear from you.

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Welcome to 2022

Wendy Richards from Volunteering New Plymouth

Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year break.
Our Office reopened this week ready for 2022.

Below is a notice from the Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust:
Thursday 20th January 2022 - 7pm to 8.30pm, Eltham.
We are excited to introduce our new Rotokare Community Group!
Come along and be inspired about our vision and journey of ecological restoration at Rotokare Scenic Reserve and beyond.
Our intention is to get together one week night every other month and we would love for you to join us. Please see below poster for details.............
We look forward to seeing you.

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Sign up for The Antidote: 5 happy things to read about each day

The Team Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

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hot footpaths

Tricia from Westown

Please please DON'T walk your dog on footpaths during the day in this disgusting heat. I saw a couple walking their dog past Francis Douglas this afternoon. The temperature was 30deg! How about all these owners try walking barefoot, while they are walking their dogs, and see how their feet feel