44 days ago

Needing a pets allowed rental! ASAP!

Donna from Te Puke

Hi all neighbors does anybody know anyone that has a rental a pets allowed one! We've been in our rental nearly 12yrs and now landlord is selling up! We are not giving our beloved pets away as they've been with us for years! My phone number is 02109084146 or 0273959366 anything anywhere please get back to me as time is slowly ticking I have applied and emailed everywhere and we giving big brown cabinet away for free too so if you have a trailer and got some skirting board as well all free! Let me know if anyone wants that as well. Will appreciate any leads of a rental. Thank you all.

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1 day ago

Is that a teahouse on Stewart Island?

Mei Leng Wong Reporter from NZ Gardener & Get Growing

Why yes it is, and it's also a man cave, a shed, and a builder/engineer's retirement project. Little wonder Allan Jones' quirky build is a runner-up in the 2021 Resene Shed of the Year competition run by NZ Gardener.

1 day ago

Resene Upcyling Awards - don't forget!


Don't forget to submit your upcycled creations in the Resene Upcycling Awards. Whether it's an old item you've spruced up or something you've found a completely new purpose for, we want to see your work!

Submit your entry in the 2021 Resene Upcycling Awards by sharing your upcycled masterpiece with your neighbours. Multiple entries are welcome - don't forget to include your before and after pics and mention any Resene products you've used!
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1 day ago


Lynne from Cherrybarn Bowen

People choose to come to me for many different reasons. Including;

Pain (this can be anywhere and everywhere in the body, jaw, neck, back, arms, legs, feet...)
trouble sleeping
low energy
and more...

The results often surprise both of us.

Working together we can peel back the layers and help you find balance.

Along the way we may find some of the old you, you thought you had lost, or the new you that's waiting for a push