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Family Friendly Service and Discussion

Jeneane Hobby from Ashley Community Church Incorporated

Paul and Lesley Askin's next family-friendly service at the Ashley Community Church will be at 4.30 pm, Sunday, 2 February.

39 Canterbury St, Ashley.

Dress up warm if it's cold out, go before you come (there're no toilet facilities), and bring a plate of finger food for a light meal afterwards.

For more info phone Paul or Lesley on 312 9151 or email them: askins@xtra.co.nz

Keep the first Sunday of the month - except for January - in mind for future services.

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Printing on inkjet printer

Nevine from Rangiora

Hello everyone. Anyone out there in rangiora or Kaiapoi area with an inkjet printer. I need to urgently print 1 a4 sheet for a memory quilt for my mum who passed away recently. Cant find any printshops to print on inkjet. Happy to pay. Much appreciated .
Have a lovely day💐💕🌹

27 minutes ago

Global Locals of Waimakariri (GLOW) Social June 3rd at The Plough Hotel

Padi from Rangiora

Hi Folks,
GLOW group welcomes you to join us at our monthly social on 3rd June at the Plough Hotel from 5:30 to 7:30 pm

A little bit about us :-)
We are a group of people with many cultural backgrounds (yes, including Kiwis). We enjoy making new friends and connections and create a colourful array of events to showcase a variety of cultures with food, fun, music, song & dance.

Come along and explore with us! You will love it!!

You can check out further with this link below

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OPINION: We can disagree profoundly with someone like David Gaughan without trying to put him out of business

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from Northern Outlook

From columnist Verity Johnson: Middle NZ was asked whether it cared enough about cancel culture to stop supporting a local boozer and beer brand whose owner wrote a racist Facebook post calling Māori the "scurge of society". Apparently, it doesn’t.

That’s not to say it necessarily agreed with the appalling comments – many of them openly said that they didn’t. Rather they just didn’t think cancelling the brewery was justified. Especially after Eagle Brewing owner Dave Gaughan’s apology.

The disgusting, heartbreaking part of all this is that cancel culture used to be called boycotting. Boycotting was one of few effective weapons of the genuinely disenfranchised. It was the furious, white-hot fire that forged real revolutions from Rosa Parks to Gandhi.

Until we stole it. We took it off the streets, into the wine bars, and disembowelled it. Ripped out its heart and teeth. Death by gentrification. Gaughan’s not the only one who should apologise.