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The Nicest Neighbours ❤️

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Cara Talbot has nominated her neighbours, James and Amy Bolton of Forrest Hill (featured below), as a Neighbourly Nice Neighbour. Cara shares:

"I’m a single working mum and life is a juggle! However James and Amy are always offering to help when needed. They are just the type of couple that don't wait to be asked for help. Amy is forever helping to look after my dog when I’m at work or helping to get my kids to after school activities. James will come over and help me put up the kids temporary pool, do my lawn edges or take runs to the tip when I’m having a clear out. Always with a smile when I know they are busy parents themselves.

In addition to the many times they've helped me out personally, in the recent flooding in the Forrest Hill area, it was Amy that rang around her network and rallied a number of our families (and kids) to come and help affected neighbours to clear out their flooded homes and generally clean up once the waters had died down. I know she helped man a support area in the local community down in Milford shopping centre which provides support and goods to families hit hard. She's also the Chair of the Forrest Hill Primary School - she's just an all-around good sort who is very community-minded. James works for the Police and I know he's been up to the local school more than once to help educate our kids about what the police do and how to stay safe.

James and Amy are very humble, but I do really think they are some of the great unsung heroes that make our north shore community so special. I feel very blessed they are part of my adopted whānau!"
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Poll: Could we live without public bins?

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Many public rubbish bins are being removed by councils due to the large costs of regularly emptying them. Do you think we can adapt and live without them?

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Could we live without public bins?
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Gardening and Painting Services

Alex Linda from Alex & Linda

Our team is ready to give a makeover to your garden and a fresh paint/look to your interior and exterior of your house

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Trimming/Cutting Hedges and Trees
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Seasonal Clean-up/Big Garden Clean up
Mixed/Green Waste Removal
Floor and Tile Painting
Indoor/Outdoor painting
Deck/Fence Painting/Staining

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Greenpark Village & Terence Kennedy House

Greenview Park Village

Live life blissfully in a safe community where we provide comfort, security and freedom.

Greenview Park boasts a panoramic view of the Glengarry ridgeline and is set amidst tranquil, landscaped gardens. With indoor and outdoor facilities as well as planned group activities, you’ll find it easy to make friends! Here at Greenview Park Village, we’ve created a homely environment designed with you in mind.

With a total of 72 homes on-site, we have 15 apartments, 16 one-bedroom homes, and 41 two-bedroom villas, all including optional services. Terence Kennedy House is our on-site hospital providing holistic care to residents.
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