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Record-breaking Lego models coming to Auckland Museum this summer

Brittany Keogh Reporter from East & Bays Courier

Hi neighbours, The tallest model made of Lego in the Southern Hemisphere is coming to Auckland. A 7.5m tall replica of Nasa's Space Launch System (SLS), made from 450,000 Lego bricks, will go on display at Auckland Museum on December 3. It's part of a large new exhibition which also includes the largest ever Lego Caterpillar 797 dump truck, a 4.5m long Shinkansen train, and a more than 3m long Antonov 225 aeroplane.

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5 hours ago

Summer Rugby Family Festival


Join the Blues whanau and their southern rivals, the Crusaders, for a (re)re-match at NZ’s first dedicated summer rugby festival.

Experience kids zones, live local music, food trucks, garden bar, marketplace and much more, whilst all supporting our local community. Kids are free with a paying GA adult ticket $20.
A portion of ticket sales will be donated to children’s charities; I Have a Dream Charitable Trust and KidsCan. Secure your tickets today – available now from ticketmaster.co.nz.
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7 hours ago

Neighbours Deforesting for no reason

Beatriz from Meadowbank

Since i moved to Mt. Wellington I've been very upset about my neighbour's around cutting trees all the time.
Across the street there goes a Flowering big pohutukawa, 2 houses appart there was a beautiful pine tree in a corner and he spent 5 months cutting the poor creature piece by piece like torture for NO REASON. Another one beside me just killed the only tree in his backyard!
they weren't near their house, weren't blocking their view, weren't breaking pavement, there wasn't any logic reason to cut them.
These one in the photos just bough that old house 4 months ago, renovated it and just for the thrill of it they decided to destroy a whole thick beautiful bush in the back.
There was a HUGE tree in the middle surrounded by other smaller trees! It looked like a forest! They're not going to build anything on that place! The land is steep and has a volcanic soil full of big rocks. It was a nightmare scene to watch from my windows as all the tress fell. I used to have fresh and cool air coming in to my kitchen in these hot summer days, at least 5 or 6 different bird species living there, i could see they feeding their chicks, building their nests. I had shade from the afternoon sun. Now all the birds are gone and it's getting so much hotter and dry!
Now there's absolutely nothing left just a single small tree that is close to our fence right in front of our kitchen
( i imagine they tough they were doing us a favor to keep that one standing!)
Just want to register my complet frustration with this type of mindset that only sees trees as trouble.
This is absolutely the Worse season possible to be thinking about cutting trees! How dumb you have to be!

8 hours ago

Upgrade your kitchen with a makeover

Kev from Benchtop Installers Auckland

Hi Neighbours

We are getting busy with our new kitchen makeovers!

If you just want to freshen up you existing kitchen with new doors and hardware or even update your benchtop, get in touch!

We will come to you and work on your quote as soon as possible!

Thank you for the ongoing support and we looking forward to working with you soon.

BIA the botox to a tired kitchen!