38 days ago

Support a local gluten-free baking business - Gluffie https://gluffie.co.nz/

Lidia from Parnell

Gluffie sell artisan gluten free bread with fluffy light texture akin to that of ordinary bread, and their products are packed with fibre, seeds and whole grains!
Having a tough level 3/4 lockdown, it'd be amazing if you could support this local business. I highly recommend their seeded loaf, although their pizza bases and seeded rolls are fantastic too! gluffie.co.nz 09 525 6232

They are based in Epsom and Coatesville and do pickups & North Island deliveries - so your friends around the country can try too.


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4 hours ago

What are you looking forward to at the traffic light system?

Josephine Franks Reporter from East & Bays Courier

Kia ora neighbours, the traffic lights are in sight and we'd love to know what you're most looking forward to once Aucklanders have more freedom. Maybe it's being reunited with family outside Auckland, going to the pub, or just being able to hang out inside a friend's house (and use their loo!). Comment below to share your thoughts - use NFP if you don't want it published - or email josephine.franks@stuff.co.nz

6 hours ago

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Summer Rug

Rugs Direct - New Market

Add a little bit of summer into your home with area rugs. They can be the perfect way to brighten up a room and bring a touch of summer into your living space.

The weather is warming up and summer is almost upon us. It’s time to change over your winter clothes for summer ones, rearrange the garage for summer belonging access, tidy up the outdoors for summer gatherings and a lot more!

One way to really accent the summer season in your home is to pick out a summer rug. Certain aspects of different rugs help capture the summer feel we all love.

6 hours ago

What is wisdom teeth?

Dentist Auckland NZ, Parnell

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that start to come through between 17-30 years. In some situations, this is quite troublesome and often requires urgent attention to be sort. The removal of wisdom teeth is a relatively common procedure performed by qualified and experienced dentists or oral surgeons.