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How to post on Neighbourly

Once you’ve signed in to Neighbourly, you can easily post messages to your neighbours and others in your community. You can do this on your computer or tablet’s web browser, or by using one of Neighbourly's mobile phone apps.

To post a message using your computer

  • Visit your neighbourhood’s news feed. This is the page you start on when you first log in to Neighbourly
  • Click in the white box that reads POST A MESSAGE, EVENT, POLL OR URGENT ALERT TO NEIGHBOURS
  • Choose the neighbours you want to post to. This may be your neighbourhood only, your Nearby Neighbourhoods, or a specific group you are a member of
  • Add a subject
  • Write your message
  • Select a posting category
  • Upload an image or document if you wish to
  • Click the POST button

To post a message using your mobile device

  • Tap the NEW POST or POST A MESSAGE option on the home screen
  • Select the type of post you wish to make. MESSAGE is the standard format for making a post to your neighbourhood or a group you are a member of
  • From the first drop-down menu, choose the surrounding suburbs you would like to post to
  • From the second drop-down menu, choose the category your post is within
  • Add a subject, and write your message
  • Add a photo if you wish by tapping on the camera icon
  • Tap POST

You can also send a message to an individual neighbour by clicking on their name in your Neighbours Directory.