About Dentist Auckland NZ, Parnell

Dentist Auckland NZ is a group of dental practices that provide dental services. ​Whether our patients need a tooth extraction, emergency pain relief or a routine check-up, the most important part of the process is making people, just like you, feel calm, comfortable and fully in control.
Our mission is to provide honest and trustworthy dentistry to the local community. We have NZ-qualified dentists who provide professional quality dental services at affordable prices. Our patients are always at the top of our minds, driving us to provide a unique experience not found through other large dental franchises or even highly expensive practices. This starts from something as simple as a beverage after checking in or a relaxed conversation about a patient’s day before the check-up commences.
At no time are you pushed into a chair and kicked out the other end – as can happen at other profit-chasing practices in Auckland..