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Neighbourly Market - I'm having trouble with a buyer or seller

Neighbourly Market is designed to connect neighbours over buying and selling items. It's entirely up to members who they trade with and how any transactions are completed, but if things aren't going as smoothly as expected, below are some tips that may help you. 

  • If a buyer or seller has stopped replying to your messages
    • Send them a follow up private message on Neighbourly asking whether they still want your item/whether their item is still available.
    • If you still haven’t heard back after 48 hours, feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to give your neighbour a nudge!
  • If you’re selling an item and the buyer doesn't turn up at the arranged time 
    • Double check your arrangements as there may have been some miscommunication.
    • Message the buyer and give them a chance to explain what happened and let you know if they're still interested.
    • You can relist your item if you're keen to move it on, but it's a nice gesture to let the original buyer know. 
  • If the item you've purchased is faulty or not what you expected
    • Contact the seller to let them know. They may be able to do something to rectify the situation, or offer to reverse the trade. Just let us know if you're having any trouble getting a message to them. 
  • If you've been left out of pocket and haven't received your money/item
    • Reach out to your neighbour first and attempt to resolve the issue.
    • If you feel you are a victim of a crime, report the incident to your local Police station.
    • Report the member to Neighbourly. If buyer-seller messaging has taken place over private message, you can report the conversation using the report function in your Neighbourly inbox.
    • Contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau for advice.
    • Visit the Disputes Tribunal website for information around small claims disputes.

Please note that Neighbourly is unable to assist with retrieval of money or items should things go belly-up, so we strongly recommend meeting with your neighbour in person and making sure you're happy before completing a trade. 

  • Tips for using Neighbourly Market safely
    • Stick to contacting your neighbour over private message. You do not need to disclose any contact details to have a successful trade on Neighbourly. This also allows the Neighbourly Team to review the situation if you need to report it.
    • Be wary of trading with members with an L on their profile picture. These members have yet to complete their address verification and may not live in your exact area. 
    • Ask your neighbour a few questions about the item to make sure it's something you're interested in. 
    • Arrange to view the item before handing over any money, to ensure you are getting what you're paying for. If you have any doubts about the item at this stage, explain to the seller it's not what you're looking for. 
    • For high value items, like cars, ensure you do your research, inspect the item and request access to the appropriate documentation. Check out NZTA's tips for buying a used car
  • Remember to stay neighbourly while trading
    • Keep your tone polite, friendly and respectful, even if the trade isn't going your way.
    • Assume good intentions in others.
    • Communicate thoroughly so expectations are clear. Good communication is key to great Neighbourly relationships! 
    • Respond to all interested buyers to keep them updated. Use the 'mark as sold' tool to notify everyone automatically when your item has sold. 
    • Be mindful that there may be several members interested in the same item. Remain patient if you do not hear from a buyer straight away.
    • Be upfront and honest about the quality of any item you're selling.
    • It's okay to change your mind, but always let your neighbour know.

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