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How is Neighbourly different from Facebook and other social networks?

Here at Neighbourly we like to think that the local neighbourhood was the original social network. But we also feel that existing social networks available on the internet are not ideally set up to work for local communities. 

So whilst we all use the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn, we see Neighbourly as servicing a different set of needs compared with other social media sites around.   

We also think eventually people will be involved in more than one social network as they break up their personal, professional and community lives.  

Key differences between Neighbourly and Facebook include:

  • Neighbourly neighbourhoods are private and information can only be accessed by members. All members must be address verified and use their real names.
  • On average only 2% of people’s Facebook friends will be neighbours so you will more than likely be interacting with different people.
  • We consider Facebook to be more about status updates and the sharing of everyday life. We believe Neighbourly will be a utility reserved for problem solving and information sharing on an “as needed” basis.

You will also receive the following benefits through Neighbourly if you do become a member:

  • An Urgent Alerts feature, which makes it possible and easy to send out information relating to crime and safety or emergency situations, by text message or email.

  • The security of knowing all your neighbours have been address verified and are who they say they are.

  • An easily updateable directory of your neighbours, who you can contact or talk to about a wide array of issues, ideas or opportunities.

  • The ability to create groups and interact with people who share the same interests as you. 

  • A recommendations section that allows you to seek or give your feedback about local service providers.

  • The ability to create and promote local events within your neighbourhood that allow you to meet your neighbours, making your local environment a friendlier and safer place.

  • The opportunity to buy, sell and trade items with no commission fees.